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Beyoncé – I'd Rather Go Blind Lyrics

Written By kartika aprilia on Minggu, 13 Maret 2016 | 23.37.00

(pasang iklan disini) Something told me
It was over
When I saw you
And her talking
Something deep
In my soul said
"Cry girl"
When I saw you
And that girl
Walking around

I would rather
I would rather
Go blind boy
Than to see you
Walk away
From me Chile

So you see
I love you
So much
That I don't want
To watch you
Leave me baby
Most of all
I just don't
I just don't want
To be free no

I was just
I was just
I was just
Sitting here
Of your kiss baby baby baby

And your
Warm embrace
The reflection
In the glass
That I held
To my lips now
These tears
That are
On my face

And baby, baby
I would rather
Be blind boy
Than to see you
Walk away
See you
Walk away
From me, yeah
Baby, baby, baby
I'd rather be
Blind now


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